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Integrated Simulation and Visualization

MyM is an integrated environment for the development, visualization and application of simulations of dynamic systems.

MyM comprises a mathematical formalism, a simulator that solves the equations and handles data management and a graphical interface to define input scenarios, to inspect model results and to document and present the model itself.

No Programmer!

Without the help of a programmer, large simulations with easy-to-use graphical interfaces can be built. You just have to write down the mathematical equations and you can build a graphical user interface yourself by just drawing graphs and charts on a canvas. When you are done designing, you can distribute your model with the graphical user interface as a tool to customers or colleagues.

Quick Tour

If you want to get an idea of what MyM can do and how it can be used to create, visualize and demonstrate a simple simulation model, the best way to learn more is to take this short Quick Tour

MyM is suitable for large Dynamic models

MyM is being used by an increasing number of teams of scientists to develop national and global models of public health and the environment, such as IVM and TARGETS. MyM is also succesfully used to build user interfaces for existing models such as IMAGE 2.1.
The most recent models developed in MyM are: FAIR, IMAGE USS, Phoenix, Dimitri, Safe Landing Analysis for IMAGE, TARGETS. GISMO, MiASMA, and Timer.

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